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Entry #5

Hey guys~

2011-11-12 01:42:32 by Manamei

Hey dildos.
I've been really busy lately. I feel like I'm falling behind in my art, BUT DON'T YOU WORRY YOUR PRETTY LITTLE FACES! I will have stuff up very soon. New stuff.
In other news, I'm starting a comic. It's about a little cunt that gets her arms ripped off. I won't be finished anytime soon. O U O Piss off
Love you~

Hey guys~


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2011-11-12 11:01:49

Hey, can I haz sum fud too? Ned fud to writ revous for hungy pencil peeple.
I got ya favorited, so take your time and enjoy not drawing those pesky arms.


2012-01-11 07:45:41

Sounds like a kickass series.


2013-10-04 05:40:04

I was going to comment on this normally, then I realised how long ago this was posted... lol